The Ultimate 30-day Rapid Results Blueprint

The ultimate 30-day rapid results blueprint – The best $100 investment you will ever make.

Before you spend another cent on advertising, courses, training or mentoring read this message…

This is your exclusive invitation to Take part in The ultimate 30 day rapid results blueprint with one of the top marketers on the planet.

  • The rapid results blueprint, formally know as The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day intensive training that takes you step by step through the process of building and launching a high-performance funnel or sales process in any industry.
  • In less than 30 days you will master the base core principles of direct response marketing and develop the knowledge and know-how to confidently launch your next campaign or business.
  • You will learn how this is possible even if you are starting from scratch or starting again with no name, no reputation, no list, no money, no traffic, no product, no clue!
  • With the ultimate 30-day rapid results blueprint, you aren’t just ordering a course that takes 30 days to complete… You’re receiving a 6 week immersion EXPERIENCE that’s unlike anything else on the market today.

It can change your business… it can change your life and will be over before your next trip to the dentist.

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The One Funnel Away Rapid Results Challenge Is Perfect If:

  • You’re just getting started, and have no idea where to start?
  • You sell something online and need a vehicle to generate sales
  • You have an idea of a product and want to know the best way to get it to market
  • Your horrible dead-end job is driving you insane, and you want to start an online business or run something from home
  • You don’t have a product, but you want to start selling other peoples products and services as an affiliate.
  • Your current business or company has hit a point of stagnant growth, and you can’t determine why.
  • You’ve heard about sales funnels, however, not sure where or how to start?
  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to make a bigger impact on the world and trying to figure out how to reach more people.
  • You’ve failed online in the past, but the drive and motivation is still there to give it another try.
  • You want an almost guaranteed blueprint to generate more leads, sales and signups to your business, service or network marketing company.
  • Your planning your next campaign or product and want to ensure it’s a genuine success!
  • You want to take advantage of one of the most value-packed funnel building programs ever created.
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How Does The 30-day Rapid Results Blueprint and One Funnel Away Challenge Work?

The 30-day rapid results blueprint and one funnel away Challenge is simple.

Over the next 30 days, you are going to receive a specific and systematic lesson and a kick up to ass to get it done.

Day 1 Do this… Day 2 do this… Day 3 do this…

Each lesson stacks on top of each other learning and implementing core ideas each day.

Super focused, critical and direct learning to ensure realistic results in the shortest amount of time possible.

By the end, you’ll know exactly how to build a high converting sales sequence, funnel, business or campaign that will make sales in any niche or industry.

It will work for any business, any industry, in fact this program works better when there isn’t an established process in place already.

It’s for any entrepreneur or business owner even if you would like a step by step action plan to launch your next affiliate marketing campaign.

As long as your business has something to sell, the 30-day rapid results blueprint will help you become better at what you do.

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Don’t be scared of progress or failure

For many entrepreneurs progress = happiness

So what exactly is included in the one funnel away challenge?

In addition to the course itself, you’re going to get a challenge kit with amazing books, videos, and training, but the main reason this program works is because it forces you to take action.

Order Your One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

It costs exactly $100 to enter the program (Plus $19.95 Local Shipping/ $29.95 International) . That money pays for membership as well as the various materials that you’ll receive. Which alone more than justify the investment:

For no more than a dinner out with friends or the family, or a few trips to the local pizza store.  The next One Funnel Away Challenge could literally be best $100 investment you will ever make for your business and life.

“Instead of looking at the past, I put myself ahead twenty years and try to look at what I need to do now in order to get there then.” – Diana Ross

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20 thoughts on “The Ultimate 30-day Rapid Results Blueprint”

  1. Sale funnels is the one thing that many new marketeers still cannot simply understand what it is and how it works. It’s very simple to be honest if you have someone that will explain it to you in way that will be easy to wrap your head around it. And for $100 this doesn’t seem like a bad program to look at. I will certainly keep an eye on it.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hey Stratos, your right, its a concept that has been around forever however, when we think of the technical side of things tend to make it more complicated than we really need to 🙂 This training basically drills down the required steps so you can set up the process from scratch without missing vital steps. Would love to see you in the community some time 🙂

  2. Actually, it seems a lot making sense to me and I’m feeling like investing 100$ too. If just a 100$ can fetch this much details and learning within 30days, then it should be worth giving a trial too. Please, can a beginner marketer do this too. I mean someone whose website is not even up to a month old? If it is then, I’m right in for it please. Can you reply to this

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hi Rodarrick, your 100% on point here. As a beginner marketer a 30 day intensive immersion training could potentially save you years of trail and error. To put in perspective it took me 3 years to have my first $1k revenue month online…
      To answer, whether you participated in this training now or a little further along in your journey it will be valuable 🙂 In fact one of the bonuses “The 30 Days Book” alone is perfect for any new or beginning marketer. This bonus is 550 page physical book. Filled with the stories from Two Comma Club entrepreneurs. These are members who have generated over $1 Million+ inside their sales funnel. Answering what they would do starting from scratch if they lost it all and had to start over.
      If you would like any more information about the experience, or have any other questions I will be happy to assist 🙂

  3. Hello Clinton, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I actually plan to invest in my sales funnel but honestly, I did not know what to look for. The ultimate 30-day is definitely worth the investment, I will come back to share my results when it comes to sales.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hi Danijel, thanks so much for the comment. Be it creating a sales funnel or optimizing your website for best chance at sales. I would love to hear your results 🙂 Keep in touch

  4. This certainly does look like a great investment into your future. I just have a few questions.

    Will you need to invest in further software to make the funnels work for you?

    Will you need to invest in an autoresponder?

    Will you need to start the challenge right away or when you are ready, like when you go on holiday from your full-time job in December?

    Thanks for the awesome review and for letting us know about this great training.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hi Michel, thank you for your comment 🙂
      To answer your questions, for best results some kind of funnel or website builder is required as the training is about reaching more people online. If you already have a website or sales process, further investment is not 100% required as you can apply your knowledge gained to optimize your current set up. It really depends on your business, funnel building software is designed to build funnels with ease however marketers have been using sales funnels years before the softwares were invented, you can develop a working sales process on a simple wordpress site…
      There are many ways to follow up, email being the bread and butter for many online businesses. I personally use a third party autoresponder Aweber however there are free ways for example – An autoresponder service like Mailchimp is 100% Free to use.
      In terms of the start dates, at this stage there is a new enrollment every month or so based on coaches availability. Whilst you’re unable to choose your specific start date you are able to choose the next available mission when you feel the time is right.
      Hope this helps. Thanks again 🙂

  5. love the layout great topic to choose and I think you will have great success with it.

    Im a great believer in funnels and how they work so this is a great blog.

    it’s well written and access is easy I’ve just been looking at the other pages and now have bookmarked it thanks matt.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hi Matt, thanks for the great feedback.

      Discovering funnels for the first time was an epiphany moment for me that’s for sure! Never turning back now.


  6. This Ultimate 30 Day Rapid Results Blueprint challenge sounds cool, thanks for writing about it. I could really use a kick in the pants and someone to hold me accountable so I don’t give up and this 30-day challenge could be the one! I am one of those poor souls who has no idea how to make a click funnel of any kind! I’m excited to get to build one from the ground floor up, nice! Thanks again.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      No problem my friend,
      Haha I know how you feel, we all need a kick up the pants at some point. Would live to have you as part of the team when the time is right 🙂

  7. This is really great to see here. The rapid results blueprint is just perfect and I will love to make use of it henceforth. I don’t know what may come off this but I would love to try it out. Thank you for this. Besides, having so much to learn and all, I just like all of these. Thumbs up to you on this

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hi Bella,
      It would be fantastic to see you in one of the missions! I have no doubt you would do great and see incredible results with your business!
      Thanks for the thumbs up

  8. Oh, this is a very good post here and a very good offer as well. The 30-day Rapid Results Blueprint and One Funnel looks like a platform for good training where I will be able to learn all the nitty-gritty of selling online. I have been on the online space for a few months now and I have been waiting for a training like this one to pop up. Thank you for this.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Henderson! Yes it is incredible what you can achieve with a super targeted laser focused mindset and daily progress. This training might have saved me years of trial and error haha. Designed for exactly what it was – Rapid results in 30 days 🙂

  9. Hello Clinton!

    Interesting presentation you made about the Ultimate 30-Day blueprint. And the One Funnel Away challenge picture looks pretty detailed.

    As we know, there are lots of offers on the Internet presenting us various opportunities to make money, and not all of them are for real.

    Do they provide their 30-day members with some over $3000 course stuff for an actual, much lower price based on a $100 subscription? Then that is a good deal.

    Iif people do not get to make money after the course, then we must be careful.

    Have you started to earn money after completing the course? If Yes, and if the Funnel is all legit, then it is a great opportunity and worthy of going for it. The answer depends on which phase of the process you are currently in.

    Have good luck and great achievements!


    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hello Peter
      Yes I know what you mean, I have spent hundreds on courses that regurgitate basic knowledge and provide no real value.
      Yes the course is only $100 for everything listed. 30 days immersion training and bonuses. Actually full disclosure this is the digital option where all the bonuses are in PDF/ Ebook – If you would like the Bonus kit physically posted which I highly recommend is ($19.95 Local Shipping/ $29.95 International)
      My honest opinion – This was the best $100 investment I made in 2019. Legit, value for money and actionable strategies you can apply for instant results. I was already a massive fan of Russell Brunson and now will be for life.
      Like you said depending on what stage your in, either brand new or already making money this training will make you better at what you do.

  10. Well, I think that this is a very good post that really hits the nail on the fact that one will really need to understand that for one to succeed in working online, one will really need to have a good training and that is exactly what this 30-day Rapid Results Blueprint and One Funnel is ready to give. I believe that it is really worth its value for the price that it is giving. Nice work you have done here!

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hi John,

      Yes the super power with this training is the immersion. 30 days of intense focuses on anything is an almost guaranteed way to get results!

      Money spent on experiences are the most memorable investments we can make.


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