Are you ready to become a profit generating online marketer

Are you ready to become a profit generating online marketer? 10 all-important questions!

Do you want to Become a Profit Generating Online Marketer?

I’ve always been curious as to why regardless of background, smarts or experience, some have the knack to succeed in making money online while others struggle to make even the slightest progress. This post is a 10 step self-calculation guide and worksheet to gage and answer the question are you ready to become a profit generating online marketer.

Upon completion of the worksheet you will uncover your true motivations and driving force.  Developed a solid plan of attack for your next project. Understand exactly what it takes to be a great marketer and exactly why and how you can have success online. Whatever your background, whatever your experience these 10 questions can help you piece together if you have what it takes to be a profitable online marketer.


Living in the information age, it’s not uncommon to hear stories about the college dropout who makes a million dollars online. Or the ex-bankrupt who earns 10k per month success story… How is this possible? How do you really know if you’re ready to take your shot at online success?

There is no exact answer, though history tells us it’s a large part mindset, drive, self-calculation and creativity. Knowing where you are and what you need to work on, accompanied with an unyielding drive and laser-focused mindset. In fact, these qualities may well be the secret behind why against all odds some see dramatic success while some highly educated and likely people are destined to fail when it comes to online business triumph.

Before you purchase any online marketing system or consider any online marketing courses, there are some simple questions you must ask yourself to determine if it’s really for you…



Why do you want to create your own online business?


Why, why, why? Your business will be a part of you, so you must ask yourself why am I doing this? Do you want more time with your family? Do you want to travel the world? Do you need an extra $100-$200 for additional spending each month? Do you want to stick it to those who doubted you? Or finally, escape the rat race, quit your 9-5, or get off the tools?

Your why is going to push you through challenges, so make sure it’s powerful!

Task 1 – Write down the top 3 reasons aka “WHY” you want an online business.






What are your interests, talents, skills, strengths and weaknesses?


According to a leading personality test, there are 16 different personality types. Acknowledging core interests, talents, skills, strengths and weaknesses can prove vital for any aspiring online business owner.

When you launch as a one-man show, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in to-do tasks without making much progress. A fully operational online business will involve generating traffic/ visitors, branding, graphic design, blogging, sales, conversions, search engine optimization, websites, follow up, google ads or video. Working with this small example, I can almost guarantee you won’t enjoy or want to take responsibility of doing all of these tasks…

I certainly don’t, In fact some tasks such as setting up Facebook ads, make me want to throw my computer off the balcony…

Whether you’re just starting, or toiled in online marketing for a while, it never hurts to take inventory of the abilities, talents and skills you already possess. Think, how can you use them to grow your business or help others improve their business?

Making money online could be as simple as becoming an expert on something you love, and helping others complete that task.

Recognizing your personality type, strengths, talents and what you enjoy will help you decide on how to use your time and when to hire help.

“Remember one man’s weakness is another man’s strength” Of course this goes for women too 🙂

You don’t need to be an expert at everything to be successful, typically us introverts aren’t initially comfortable in front of a camera, however, almost always have other skills. An example might be amazing copywriting skills for a killer sales offer. Rather than uploading amateur quality sales videos you could use your skills to create a script then hire or partner with a video superstar to package up something special. Another avenue to success might be to master how to run a google ads campaign, you could then use your skills to freelance to business owners or run ads to affiliate offers making commissions and sales on autopilot.

Task 2 – Take note of 3 interests, talents, skills and strengths




Are any of these related to business tasks you can focus on and take control over?

Yes / No

If you could choose one task to delegate responsibility, what would it be? (e.g. Phone sales, creating videos, email marketing, designing websites)


Can this task be outsourced to a professional who loves doing it?

Yes / No

Hopefully yes, otherwise suck it up and get it done!



What operational skills do I need to learn or improve?


As mentioned before, running a successful online business has a lot of moving parts.

Operational skills such as generating traffic/ visitors, branding, graphic design, blogging, sales, conversions, websites, follow up, email marketing, paid ads and video, just to name a few. Please note, not all are required for every business. However, you will need a handful of skills to run your business effectively.

After you decide what business you’re going to start identify the essential operational skills worth investing time to learn. Depending on your budget and income, you will either need to knuckle down and learn or if possible, outsource to experts.

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Task 3Check out Wealthy Affiliates Free Training Experience.

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Do you enjoy a challenge?


“You and only you are responsible for directing your life and finding solutions to overcome the challenges that life throws at you”

Making money online is competitive because it’s awesome! Think about it, who wouldn’t want their name associated with a profit-generating online business?

If you enjoy a challenge, the competitive nature of the industry will energize you. If you struggle with things not going your way or plans not working out perfectly, then you’re in for a battle. Not saying you won’t achieve great things, just be ready for a mental battle between yourself and motivation to keep moving forward.

The ironic truth about online marketing strategies is; what works for some, won’t necessarily work for others. It’s a strange game, though when things click together, you can create incomes streams with relative ease.

PRO TIP: The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.

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It’s for any entrepreneur, business owner or complete newbie who would like to be spoon-fed a step-by-step action plan to launch your next business, campaign, idea or funnel in the shortest amount of time possible. Regardless of experience, regardless of your company, business or industry this blueprint holds true.

If you do like a challenge you can find out about The One Funnel Away Challenge here.

Task 4 – Ask yourself: If it took battling through twelve months of constant failure until you generated sufficient income online to fund your WHY in task one would it be worth it?

Yes/ No

If you answered yes, this means your WHY is powerful and you’re on track, well done 🙂

For those who answered no, you may want faster results… I like your standards 🙂 Just recognise for this to happen you will need to practice immersion. Live it, breathe it, dream it, be it, a monster effort on your behalf. Make it happen!



Will this type of work excite me?


Being fully engaged in something meaningful and exciting to you is the easiest way to keep motivated when things are not going to plan. By now, you might have been thinking a little about your values and what matters to you. Can you see synergy in values vs tasks you plan to focus on in your business?

One of the reasons I enjoy online marketing so much is little wins…

Little wins that can happen multiple times per day. I’m a big believer in daily progress! I love the power of little things adding up over time, watching campaigns evolve into profit-making machines.

Setting up a successful campaign may incorporate hundreds of mini-tasks before your idea is launched and generates any revenue. If you can find value, excitement and enjoyment in little wins, this will go a long way in enjoying your online marketing career 🙂

Task 5 – List three interests or hobbies that get you excited.




These interests and hobbies are the type of niches that will suit you best when starting your online marketing career. Remember, your first niche, campaign or website doesn’t need to be your last. You can create multiple sources of income in multiple niches over time.

You only need one product and one traffic source to succeed online – In one of my popular blog posts: 4 step strategy to make $400 per day on Pinterest.

I share a simple 4 step strategy to make money on Pinterest with zero investment, no experience and no need to speaking to anyone.



Can I make money in this niche?


Not all niches are workable money-making options.

To give you an example; going into business in the pet rabbit accessory market in Queensland (My home state in Australia) may not be a viable option regardless of my passion and excitement to enter this niche. Now, I could be wrong as I haven’t done any extensive research on the topic. All I know is, in Queensland keeping a rabbit as a domestic pet is illegal. Based on this alone, it’s safe to say there wouldn’t be a considerable buyer hungry market and no doubt there would better niches with more significant opportunity to explore.

The point is, your chosen niche must have a large enough buyers market.

A buyers market is essentially people or companies willing to spend money on solutions to fix a common problem, pain, broken system or improve their situation.

PRO TIP: When you have an idea for a niche. Research the top 5 leaders in the industry (companies or persons of influence). You will find it helpful to learn as much as you can about the top earners and leaders in your field who provide similar products or services to the same target customer.

If you can’t locate five leaders then it could be a sign… There may be limited opportunity to make money in this niche. Before going all-in, take some time to test your product or service. This could be by asking friends, contacting industry leaders, giveaways, product trials, market surveys or joint venture proposals etc.

For an in depth guide on how to get started check out our blog post – What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Task 6 – List 3 potential niches you would consider entering into.




need a hand selecting a direction for your business, feel free to visit the wealthy affiliate community where you can learn how to capitalize on any idea, interest, or passion that you have. No experience necessary, no product required. Just bring your love of something and receive help turning that into a lucrative business.



Who is your best customer?


Most successful businesses know exactly who their best customers are, or at least have a type of person in mind they will enjoy working with.

In online marketing, the low barrier entry means there is a wide range of potential clients. Some frequent participants include online business opportunity seekers, established business owners, college students, stay at home mums, office workers, ex-military, retired or recently unemployed. Though the enormous mass of participants, it’s still important to know who your best customer might be.

At the end of the day, customers are your business partners.

If you don’t enjoy explaining, helping new starters or don’t have much patience when it comes to teaching. Then joining a company where your role is to run and mentor a team might not be a good idea. You may be better suited to working with a product or tool to help others solve a problem and be compensated on a per-sale commission.

Rather than focusing on a product or service, you could concentrate on working with a group of people you resonate with… For example, helping college students earn an extra $100-200 per month with free traffic or helping ex-military get back into the workforce with a step by step action plan.

When all’s said and done, know exactly who your best customers are. Identify their major pain, sticking points, needs, desires and if they’re willing to pay for solutions. Along with understanding customers some further suggested reading would be the Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

Once you understand this information, you can build and target your marketing specifically to this exact person or group. You will start to not only love your customers but also have a ton of fun and see incredible results.

Contrary to many work environments, where more focus is placed on weak areas rather than exceeding strengths. Managers and team leaders often coach on weaknesses to try to bring staff up to KPIs. If you are familiar with this in your working life, please note that online marketing does not work this way. Mediocre is left in the dust. You must stand out, double down on your strengths and become an expert, not a generalist.

Task 7 – List the ideal group or type of person you would love to work with.



What product would this type of person use or benefit from?



Check to see if this product has an affiliate program through the wealthy affiliate search.



What is your business goal?


Your business goal is similar to your why in question one, only relates to a more specific outcome or task you want to achieve. A business goal example might be to earn $5000 per month, work with 75 recurring clients or generate a reliable passive income source from niche websites or e-commerce.

Obviously setting goals is essential but achieving them is even more important.

I could write a whole article on goal setting but in essence, once you’ve identified and committed to a goal there are a few little secrets that will help you achieve them.

Tips to hitting a goal

• It starts with writing it down and taking immediate action, a goal is 42% more likely to be achieved if written down.

• Once engrained in your mind, break goals down into smaller tasks (mini wins) and establish deadlines for these mini-tasks.

• Hold yourself accountable and finally reward yourself as you win. Remember, business is meant to be fun not something you dread.

Task 8 – Think of two business goals, one short term and one long term.

My short term goal to achieve within 6 months is –

My longer-term goal to achieve in 12 months is –

I enjoy this task and re-write my goals regularly. Put the odds on your side. Get into the habit of updating your goals on a regular basis as you develop. There is no limit as to the number of goals you target, just remember to actually do the tasks that will help you accomplish them. There is a trap that many fall into of having too many goals which turns into a massive to-do list.

Good luck.



Am I self-motivated?


When you embark on your career as an online marketer there is no more boss or manager. No-one telling you how, what and when to do things. You are now the brains, eyes, ears and motor.

Great I know 🙂

Though naturally this means you are in charge of making things happen!

Getting your business operational will require an enormous amount of self-motivation, work ethic, drive and effort. Momentum will keep you rolling but getting started requires an initial boost.

I’m motivated by small wins and achievement. Like many entrepreneurs I feel most happy when progress is being made. I know that committing to daily progress will consistently produce small wins and results that feed my sense of achievement and keep me motivated.

Dream Big – Start Small Act Now – Daily Progress.

This quote changed my life and if you commit to it will change yours too. I believe 100% that by committing to daily progress with a focus on accomplishing business goals will continue to produce results and one day allow me to hit my why.

This works for me but the most important question is what will work for you? You might find going for a run improves your creativity, playing with your kids helps you focus on work, you may be money motivated, progress-driven, lifestyle-driven or project-driven.

What sparks you? What gets you going and jumping out of bed? Use these powerful motivations to your advantage to get things done.

Task 9 – List 3 activities that you love doing and are always excited to start. It’s a good idea to have some backup activities to help boost or spark your motivation.




Great work!

You are nearly at the end of the guide there’s just one more question and hopefully you’re starting to understand some of the necessary traits and intricacies in becoming an online marketer.



Do you have the proper mindset for success? Do you already think like a profit generating online marketer?

You find everywhere, people teaching systems, strategies and the common “How to Make Money Online” though rarely do you see anyone focusing their course on the topic of how to think like a marketer or attitude required for success. Thinking like a marketer is vital to success. Maybe it’s just assumed knowledge, but for many, establishing proper mindset could be the missing piece.

To be a successful internet marketer, then you have to be a marketer.


Love it, live it, breath it.

Imagine attempting to build a house with no foundation. What’s going to happen when you start to put the walls up? It’s going to fall or be unstable at best.

You will find out very quickly that you will need to develop a system and business that works with your personality type. People are very different. Online business is not one size fits all, there are so many variables and even luck has its place.

Following the information of one strategy to make money online could mean thousands of dollars for you however be nothing more than confusion and frustration for someone else.

How is this possible?

How can we see the exact information a different way? Identical strategies generating thousands for one and nothing for others, Crazy right!

It all bonds back to mindset. Mindset and how each individual can put the pieces together.

A successful marketer will also see opportunities everywhere.

This is how their mind operates.

Daily life example: Would you consider daily emails as an opportunity to learn? Many don’t and I was certainly one of them. Often seen as clutter, scams or designed to take your money. Your existing inbox is actually one of the best opportunities you can take advantage of. It’s your direct link to industry leaders and experts, your eyeball on exactly how they build relationships and follow up with their customers.

Proper mindset also comes into play in relation to thoughts about money.

As you build your skills and begin testing strategies, naturally you will start to see an income rolling in. You may find yourself with a little extra money than you’re used to. This is fantastic; however making money is not enough.

Many people end up exactly where they started, broke and searching because they don’t understand money.

Humans are creatures of habit, those who spend 100% of their paycheck each month will often continue to do so regardless of what they earn. It’s hardwired, you may currently do it yourself and can be challenging to break. By acknowledging this trap before the fact, you can save yourself from potential future pain.

Task 10 – Make a mental commitment to change the way you think and exercise it every day!

Keep your mind focused on developing a strong business foundation, consciously seek and be open to opportunities and understanding the pitfalls of money.


Surround yourself with others trending the same path as you and continue searching for opportunities in everything you do.

In conclusion, by consciously working through question 1 – 10 and all related tasks you will have complete a 10 step self-calculation guide and should be well on your way to determine if you are you ready to become a profit generating online marketer.

My name is Clinton Bee aka The Introverted Affiliate

I hope you have found value within my post!

As I am new to writing any feedback is much appreciated.  Just leave it in the comments.

Looking forward to many future articles.

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Are you ready to become a profit generating online marketer? 10 all-important questions!”

  1. These are well structured questions that all intending online entrepreneurs really need to have a go at. Making money in the online world is really no easy task. A lot of people spend time online that results in nothing and even purchase courses that don’t help them in any way. I think we really need to ask ourselves some reality check questions to know if this business is for you.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Great input, hit the nail on the head – It incredible how many of us have the answers we need to be successful however our mind is too overloaded with information and has no idea how to put it all together. Sometimes going back to basics helps us move forward 🙂

  2. This is too much information placed available on the platter of gold here. This is really great to see here. All these questions might seem not meaningful that much but then, I could read meaning to each of them. They are the questions that will determine failure or success and also stabilize passion and desire too. This is just perfect

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hey Rodarrick, Thanks for the kind words, this helps me continue to think of new ways to support through my content 🙂 I often find myself going back to this worksheet when I’m feeling lost, really sets my bearings straight to get back on course!

  3. To be a successful online marketer, there is a need to ask all these questions and provide answers to them. It would create a plan for what path the business would go and exactly how it would. This is very great and well worthy. I fancy every information here and I also wished I had access to this from the start of my online business career. I will share this to may aspiring marketers I know of. This is a guide and very valuable

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Appreciate this input from a seasoned marketer like yourself Bella, That’s true there is always buckets of knowledge we find that would have helped us in the beginning. Thank you, All the best!

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