10 Super awesome free lessons from Wealthy Affiliate – How to make money on the internet!

The title says it all, today I’m going to share with you some incredible free training that I’ve personally gone through and found a ton of value. 10 Super awesome lessons. 100% Free and all about how to make money on the internet.

It’s funny, You may be in a very similar situation to me when I first started. I knew I had the drive and motivation to give the online scene a shot the only problem was…

I had no idea of the first step, didn’t have a platform and was working on a shoestring budget. I was googleing terms like how can I make money from the internet and how to earn money on the internet for free.

Call it good karma or maybe someone was looking out for me. All I know is that because of this search, I stumbled upon the wealthy affiliate starter membership.


A 100% free starter course with an impressive 10 series training teaching a proven method to create a business online. Incredibly by lesson four you’ll actually have your very own niche website up and running. Yes, free hosting, website and launched live on the internet!

The getting started course is formed via one unit in the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Wealthy affiliate has been kicking since 2005 and boasts a community and network of thousands of entrepreneurs. Many of whom use the platform to run and host their business.

If you’ve been doing similar searches on how to make money on the internet for free then you absolutely must check out this free membership.

What’s included in the starter membership?

The training within Wealthy Affiliate shows you exactly how to capitalise on any idea, thought, interest, passion or hobby. Then with absolutely no prior technical experience, no product or service of your own, turn that into a lucrative online business through the creation of a niche website.

Jackpot! What I and thousands of other love about the membership is that it provides a platform to launch, explains in detail the first steps and works perfectly with a shoestring budget

  • Without a doubt, one of the best free training and platforms available on the net in 2019.
  • Your first step to realising your potential as an online business owner.
  • 100% meeting my criteria of how to earn money on the internet for free.

Let’s get into it, the 10 free lessons overview.

Lesson 1 – Getting Rolling

The getting rolling lesson starts by sharing the strategy of how you will be making money on the internet.

How to make money on the internet 4 step strategy

Step 1: Choose and interest

Step 2: Build a website

Step 3: Attract visitors

Step 4: Earn revenue

Anything new can seem overwhelming at first. The mindset to believe though is absolutely anyone can accomplish success online.

In Lesson one, you will enjoy a 21 minute walk-through video to ensure you are familiar with the platform and realise you are not alone in this journey.

After completing your free account set up you will see the reach of the platform. With a community of over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs, many had zero technical skills and business knowledge before this very training and now are killing it online.

Keen to get started? >>>Access lesson one here <<<



Getting started how to make money on the internet

Lesson 2 – Understanding how to make money online

Lesson two is all about understanding the process of how to make money on the internet.

This is where you focus on the one proven strategy that 100,000s of other wealthy affiliate members use. Blackout the techno bable and ignore the latest and greatest. The strategy to success lies in following the steps.

The four steps how affiliate marketing works

Did you know that as at 2019 there are 4 billion people who are searching online every single day?

Wouldn’t it be cool to learn how you can tap into this growing trend and set up a piece of our own online real estate?

An awesome foundation is what you’ll get from this course.

Lesson two ends with setting your very own money goals. A goal is 40% more likely to be achieved if written down. Writing goals down makes it official and we’re taking steps toward success.

Still not sure if you want to tread down the path of learning how to make money online? Run through my 10-step self calculation guide “Are you ready to become an online marketer?”


Lesson 3 – Choose a niche

Lesson three is where things start to come together. It’s where you start to think and choose a direction for your first business.

Included here is a super important video that will help explain the best way to decide on your first niche 🙂

I love this part, and this is where your business reality really starts to get exciting.

You can follow your passion or take advantage or any sparking ideas that come to you at night.

The best thing here is there are no wrong answers and your first niche does not need to be your last.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how can I make money from the internet? The answer is by creating a business around a specific niche.

The truth is you can earn money online from almost every niche thinkable. There are literally billions of people searching for information, solutions and ideas spending billions of dollars on products and services every single day.

For example, I love AFL

Australian Football

Sell football merchandise on your website

And there are thousands of products I could partner with to monetise my website as I create and publish content about this niche.

build a niche website to sell football merchandise for profit

Start to have a think about your interests and hobbies.

Have a read over top 3 affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.

If you still can’t decide or get stuck, wealthy affiliate will even choose a niche for you.

Easy as that, One of the best lessons’ of the course for sure!


Lesson 4 – Building your own website

By the end of this lesson you will have reason to celebrate!

You will have published your very own niche website on the internet.

Often seen as a time-consuming technical roadblock (building a website). This walk-through video lesson will show you how easy it is within the platform and how anyone with zero experience can do this in less than 30 seconds.

You’ll learn how to pick a domain name and site design where you can pick from a selection of 12 hand-picked themes to best suit your style.

build your website by picking a hand picked theme

In case you were thinking if it’s free it can’t be quality, think again.

Your starter membership website is created using wordpress and hosted with SiteRubix, a world class website and hosting platform. Their whole business is technology so you receive access and peace of mind that your website will be operating 100% of the time at lightning speeds whilst keeping safe being protected from spammers, hackers and other potential threats.

A sneak peek into your starter membership dashboard

How to make money on the internet with site builder

I guarantee you’ll be smiling after this lesson as your website will be live and kicking. A massive step forward in your online business journey.

Well done Legend!

If all this seems a little basic for you, you already have a website, product or have experienced some success online. Then maybe you should shift your attention to The Ultimate 30-Day Rapid Results Blueprint.

This 30-day intensive training that takes you step by step through the process of building and launching a high-performance funnel or sales process in any industry. It’s for any entrepreneur, business owner or complete newbie who would like to be spoon-fed a step-by-step action plan to launch your next business, campaign, idea or funnel in the shortest amount of time possible.

Check out the The Ultimate 30-Day Rapid Results Blueprint here.

Lesson 5 – Setting UP YOUR WEBSITE

Lesson five walks you through the first steps of setting up your website.

5 steps to set up your website free training

The video’s called – Setting up your niche website.

Includes how to access and Log into your WordPress ADMIN space and back office.

The back office is your engine room, where you upload your creations, content and share with the world.

Once logged in and familiar, you’ll be prompted to activate and update some must-have plugins ensuring your site runs at optimum speed and functionality.

All in all pretty simple lesson but once complete and your site looks presentable you’re ready to boost your chances of getting seen.

Lesson 6 – Getting your site ready for search engines

The magic of free traffic for life!

How to make more money on the internet

Can you imagine 1000s of website visitors and daily affiliate commissions flowing in every single day without even lifting a finger?

Mastering this lesson is the holy grail to the question, how to make money on the internet for free.

In a nutshell – Website Rankings = Traffic = $$Revenue.

be seen on google with SEO

The goal in this lesson is to put yourself in a position to be ranked in the BIG 3 engines – Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Did you know? Google alone owns over 65% of all search traffic.

Lesson six includes a walk-through video on how to set up your niche website for search engines. SEO isn’t exactly a sexy word, however it’s really not that technical to master the basics. If you followed (lesson 5), you will already have a plug-in that does most of the grunt work for you. You just need to learn how, where and what to fill in.


Lesson 7 – Creating your initial website

Lesson seven sets up the framework of your site and introduces you to software designed to communicate with your audience, share and edit content.

You’ll receive done for you templates to create and publish your “About Me” and “Privacy Policy” Posts.

create your initial website to make money online

P.S. Google and other search engines want to see these pages (About Me and Privacy Policy). Without them you will struggle to be ranked and if your making money from links on your website can sometimes open yourself up for penalties from non-disclosure.

Just another way Wealthy Affiliate has your back

Lesson 8 – Creating custom menus on your website

Have you ever been on a website and felt lost or stuck because it doesn’t flow or make sense? I have, and you don’t want your site to be confusing.

Easy navigation and flow is vital to any successful website.

Lesson eight is a cool little initiative. You’ll be taught how to create custom menus, widgits and all-round have better navigation for your readers.

create a custom menu on your site for better navigation

The action task is simply Create a Custom Menu on Your Website.


Lesson 9 – Understanding Keywords

The calm before the content storm.

Without a doubt one of the best lessons’ in the course and it’s all about Keywords!

Lesson nine will teach you:

  • A secret ranking sauce criteria.
  • 3 rules for your best chance at ranking high in the search engines.
  • An in depth walk-through video – Mastering Keywords
  • Plus an introduction on how to use Jaxy Keyword research tool with 30 free searches a month.

strategy for the best chance at ranking high in the search engines

Lesson 10 – What’s Next?

First off Congratulations!

On completion of lesson ten you would have accomplished:

  • Full profile set-up at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Connected with entrepreneurs and marketers via live chat
  • Understood focus and how to make money on the internet
  • Set some “make money” goals
  • Chosen a business niche
  • Named and built a niche website using SiteRubix/ WordPress platform
  • Laid the foundation to long-term success online
  • Activated your must-have website plugins
  • Learnt the power of plugins and website efficiency
  • Optimised your site for search engine ranking – Yahoo, Google & Bing
  • Followed the templates to create a first page on your website
  • Bound relationships with others aspiring affiliates in the community
  • Understood the process of keyword research and selection using the 3 rules for your best chance at ranking high in the search engines.
  • Found a handful of, low competition high ranking chance keywords for your next posts
  • Designed a custom menu and know how to properly set-up your website navigation
  • Answered the question of how can I make money from the internet and how to earn money on the internet for free
  • Found a platform to launch your business even on a shoestring budget.
  • Plus tonnes of powerful secrets and strategies to fast track your first results

Seriously, if you’ve read this far, I know that you have a strong interest in taking steps towards the freedom and results you really deserve. All that’s left is to take the action to do it.

congratulations thumbs up

Take advantage of your free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

Click Here For Free Access <<<<

It’s a no brainer, you have nothing to lose with absolutely zero risk.

Whatever your decision is, I wish you best of luck in whatever you do in life.

Hope you enjoyed the article 🙂 Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Shashwat .Prakash


    That’s a very interesting post.  The guide can really help anyone kickstart his online business. For me, finding a niche is a very important step. I believe one shouldn’t worry about the price, instead one should write about something which is their passion. I have a website on tripods because photography is my passion. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Exactly right 🙂 being passionate about the topic really helps.
      Keeps the drive and momentum even on the down days.
      P.s. Thanks for the comment 🙂 All the best!

  2. Hi 

    Thank you very much for sharing such an important and informative post about how to earn money on the Internet. This is really an unique article. This post has informed us some incredible free training about 10 free lessons’ on how to make money on the internet. I have read the full post and it is very clear to me that now a days Internet may be a good opportunity for earning money. It saves our time, labor and money. It is a great platform to show ones talent. 

    Thanks again for this great post. I will share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get these all  informations about how to earn money easily on Internet. 

  3. ✋You forgot 2 important steps! Non of this will work without two VERY important steps. 1st you have to TAKE ACTION. You can read all the blog posts you want, watch all the videos, and buy all the courses, but if you don’t TAKE ACTION none of it will matter because you didn’t take action and let the opportunity pass you by. And 2nd is CONSISTENCY pretty self explanatory but if you aren’t consistent with almost anything in life you probably won’t get better at it if you don’t practice enough. So consistency is the second KEY to success in this game. Now go get it!??

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      100% Spot on here too. Actually a project I am working on is to do with daily progress 🙂 or Consistency as you say it.
      Appreciate the comment my man!
      On wards and upwards

  4. Wawoo what a wonderful content,
    I’m working on my site ,
    Although I’m struggling to create content, but I’m not giving up,
    I like your motivation massage,
    Note taken.
    Wishe you all the best.

    1. Thankyou Mdladla! Thankyou for the comment. I did have a look at your site it is a great start to a very specific niche with many affiliate programs. One thing to remember however is in terms of articles and content ranking in Google it is better to be thorough and in depth rather than short articles, short articles may rank initially however will loose their spot to more relevant articles… A tip with content is to break it down into sections, just write a section at a time of 100 – 300 words then continue this process for at least 4 sections this is a much less daunting task that will eventually reach and article of 1000+ words 🙂

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