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How Google Ads Academy Can Help You Rank Higher – Get More Affiliate Sales!

Did you know? The #1 Ranking position in google receives over 30% of the search traffic.

Also that there’s a simple hack learned in google ads academy that all but guarantees you’ll be able to rank your content right in this sought after spot! More on that later…

Ranking position number 1 in google receives over 30% of the search traffic


The Ultimate Goal: Ranking #1 In Google Search Results

So if the ultimate goal is ranking number 1 in google search results, why not do everything in our power to make this happen.

I wanted to share this post with the introverted affiliate community detailing a breakdown of the average click-through rates of top 10 search results.

Also highlighting the importance of striving to rank on page one!

the average click-through rates of top 10 search results

As this graph displays the #1 Ranking position in google receives over 30% of the search traffic and around 75% of clicks are directed to the top 3 search positions.



What’s The Best Approach To Rank Your Content On Page #1 Of Google?

To ultimately rank on the top page of google search, there are two main strategies to make this a reality.

Our two options are: Ranking organically with high-quality, search engine optimized content or creating a Google ad.

In all honesty the best strategy is to learn both as strong SEO skills will help you create better google ads. While mastering high converting ads and keyword research can help you rank your organic content higher.

We are lucky these days that it only takes a quick google search to come across some amazing free and paid services such as Google Ads Academy and Wealthy Affiliate.

Both of which have our back in giving us the best chance to obtain this golden #1 search spot.

I only mention wealthy affiliate as this is the platform I joined when starting to learn content and article related affiliate marketing.

Google academy for ads gets a mention as this my first stop in unlocking further skills required to advertise my business and affiliate offers… In-fact if you keep reading, I’m going to share how I’ve been legally manipulating google ads to own #1 spot in various search terms.

It was only a few months ago where I remember I hadn’t even researched SEO or the potential long term value of ranking content in the form of informative blog posts.

“Geeze wasn’t I missing out on some opportunities!”



The Mission Begins – Ranking Higher In Google Searches

I initially arrived mainly to learn skills and tactics to generate consistent traffic from blog posts and best practices from others in the community.

Already in just a few months, I’ve learned a ton, and starting to see my writing develop in blogging, media posts, ads and emails…

It’s time to add another goal to the challenge.

Ranking on the top page of google!

You can see from the below graphic sourced from backlinko the breakdown of clicks based on position ranking…

over 75% of google clicks are directed to the top 3 results

What’s really important to gage here is that over 75% of clicks are directed to the top 3 results…

Knowing this information should give us an extra boost and focus to strive for top page rankings with the ultimate goal being ranked in the top 3!

Ranking here is going to give us the best chance of success.

I truly hope you find this information as valuable as I did 🙂



A Sneaky Alternative to Google Ads Academy Training

Now if you’re like me… Or many of my peers at wealthy affiliate who are initially struggling to rank organically.

I want to show you how I managed to slingshot my way to #1 spot by tapping into one of the largest ad networks in the world which is google ads.

I did this through an alternative to google ads academy training called Google Ads Bootcamp.

Obviously, Google search is an incredible traffic source but a google ad will always outrank you to take top spot. This is regardless of how incredible your content or offer is.

If you’re keen to learn how to legally manipulate google ads, to rank in the top spot of Google search – while paying the least per click. Honestly, the code has been cracked. I’ve been using it with just one of my affiliate offers and making crazy profit.

See bellow my first weeks results

11 Sept – 15 Sept 2019

Google ads bootcamp results


With A few key stats to take notice of:

Incredible click through rates of 30% – 75% CTR and Quality score of 10/10

Never had I had any results even similar to this….

In this same week – You can also view my sales results as at September 16.


Google ads academy training weekly results


Also after just my first month.


google ads academy training sales results first month


Off $ 178.16 Ad spend to make $345 USD (Approx $515 Aud) So my Australian Dollar Calculations =

Ad spend $1 = $2.89 Revenue – Cost $1 = Profit $1.89

For every $1 Invested making $1.89 Profit Back.

As a total novice in google ads – $330 Profit/ Month. 

Not bad for first month of a new affiliate marketing strategy 🙂

Right now, you have the opportunity to access Google Ads Bootcamp training before this method becomes too well known.

You will gain access to step by step training videos. Teaching you everything to know about google ads and affiliate marketing. Plus how to manipulate them, rank on the top of Google while paying the least per click. Essentially, how to set up a full google ads academy campaign.

So if you’re ready to learn working secrets for crushing it with google ads with an over the shoulder mentor who’s earnt multiple 6 figures with affiliate marketing. All you need to do is simply click on the button below.


Take a Look at Google Ads Bootcamp


Get involved with the Google Ads Affiliate Bootcamp invaluable knowledge that can change your google ads results for life.


Hopefully, you’ve received some value today. If you’re one who skips right to the bottom of an article first… In a nutshell, if there’s anything to take away from this article – Aim to use your organic SEO skills to create highly targeted google academy ads to own #1 spot!

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