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Email opt in lists are the shiz! In fact, a profitable email list is the closest you can get to legally printing money! In a moment, I’m going to dive into my 3 best tips for email marketing campaigns.


Small fortunes are being made at almost all experience levels, and if you don’t have a list yet this message will help you start.


If you’re reading this, then you’re searching… You already know, have read all about it, follow the experts, seen the YouTube gurus and are finally ready to give it a shot yourself. You want to be one of the super success case studies. You want your small fortune!


There is another group here reading. The aspiring go-getter, you’re already on the bus. You’ve spent a lot of time researching marketing. May have a moderate-sized list and feel you know a bit about email marketing campaigns. The issue is your profit is sitting at a big fat zero… In fact, you may be losing money.


Although email opt In lists are reasonably inexpensive to maintain, there are expenses, and if you’re not making enough sales, the list will just leak cash. You don’t want a leaking list!


Stop a leaking list by being mindful of everyday email marketing expenses.

  • Autoresponder
  • Editing and keyword research software,
  • Content creation,
  • Freelance and copywriting fees if you’re hiring writers.
  • Potential ad costs if you’re running ads to build the list.

These expenses all hit from month one so be prepared and ready for it.


Beginners should budget between $20 – $50 per month for email marketing expenses. This should get you a quality autoresponder and some neat copy writing tools or courses.


PRO TIP – I personally use Aweber as my Autoresponder, Iv’e used them for years, only $19 per month, includes tons of useful tools and a  super high % inbox delivery rate.

 Aweber Email Autoresponder


If you’re a total newbie, feel stuck or going backwards. Great news! It’s all good, now we know where we are, it’s time to build.


Accept – Adapt – Grow


In all honesty, the most common mistake us marketers make is we dive straight in. Well, it’s not really a mistake. It’s just what we do, we learn from doing.


Adapt, test and tweak until it clicks.


If you’re not willing to test and fail, then online marketing or sales of any kind is not for you. Quit now or be set for a world of hurt.


When I started, I chose a topic I thought was quite popular and would earn me a ton of money. I spent a few weeks writing a couple of months worth of emails and loaded it into my autoresponder… I was grinning from ear to ear, thinking this is it… Rubbing my hands together, thinking I’m going to be rich!! Just wait!!


The sad reality is that, not only was this NOT the case I actually failed miserably. My three-month campaign ended up well in the red. I was disheartened, bummed out and spent the next two weeks analysing what went wrong. Making up excuses and imaginary illnesses I must have had…


It wasn’t long until I realised that just because you write a sales email to your list, doesn’t mean anyone will buy instantly. I mean, they had absolutely no idea who I was.


In hindsight it’s simple, but I’d like to share some secrets, for those just starting with email opt in lists or have somewhat failed so far. These tips can hopefully rejuvenate your failed venture.


Implement these three tips for email marketing campaigns below and fast track your road to success with email marketing.


Tips For Email Marketing Campaigns – Tip number One


Build Trust – Why Trust Is Important In Business?


Without trust, you’re dead in the water. I want you to think for a minute why trust is important in business. Think about anyone who has been associated with a scam or highly publicised criminal act. Their reputation is forever shot. They could have the most incredible product, be giving it away for free and still, no one would listen.


Trust holds true for your product too. Be sure to only associate yourself with quality products that truly serve your subscribers. I am sharing from experience. Simply launching a list doesn’t make you an expert or believable seller. Good news is, there are countless ways to start building trust, authority and expert status in your area.


If you’re nervous about your skill level or don’t see yourself as an expert, you can always utilise the invest, learn, teach method. Where you invest in a book or info product, then learn and teach what you take away from it. An old mentor once told me, you only need to be one step ahead for someone to look up and listen to you.


Launch a website, write articles, create surveys, essentially find out your customers needs then cater to the shortage. Join forums, groups and sites. Continue sharing what you learn with an honest intent to help. Before long, you will build a base and reputation of someone who can help. This is a key stage; once trust and belief is earnt – begin inviting people to your email opt in list. This simple strategy has a history of working and ranks up there with the best way to build an email list.


Once subscribed, this is where you will have the best chance of any exchange happening. All subscribers really want is a product or service which fits their needs from someone they trust. Always remember, people won’t buy a recommendation from someone they don’t know or trust.


Tips For Email Marketing Campaigns – Tip number Two


Offer High Quality Products – World Class Products That People Need


I touched on it earlier; the importance of world calss products that people need cannot be ignored. Whether you’re working as an affiliate or creating something of your own, you must offer high quality products! You will shoot yourself in the foot if no groundwork is practised to discover if people even want or need your product.


While it’s important to do what you like and enjoy. It’s not enough to solely market something you have an interest in. At the end of the day, humans are all very different in terms of lifestyle, beliefs needs and want. When marketing to the masses; the best converting products are both popular, fill a gap in the market and have enough spark to go viral.


Remember these vital steps of research; Create a world class product that people need. Continue to build and develop trust and authority. Link and align then your recipe for a profitable email marketing campaign is almost complete.


Tips For Email Marketing Campaigns – Tip number Three


Model what works – Get Unlimited Access to the Best Marketing Email Examples


Would you like to learn the secret behind getting unlimited access to the best marketing email examples? Tip three is about becoming an ultimate spy, Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt better watch out as here comes the badass with his laptop notepad and email address.


For your lists best chance at turning a profit, you absolutely must spy on your competitors and model what works. Warning! This process can be damaging on the wallet as leaders in your niche will be damn good marketers and you will end up with upsells in your shopping cart.


Have you done your 10 step self check worksheet? – Are you ready to become a profit generating online marketer?


The process is pretty simple. Find leaders in your space and opt into their email lists. Compile a swipe file of every email sent and model what they are doing. Headlines, structure, content, videos, offers, promotions… These are people that have spent time building their team, brand, trust and expert status and already have a successful email list. They are providing a shortcut to the end goal.


There is never a shortage of articles to study, but experience is still the best teacher. You can almost guarantee leaders have gone through it all, testing various methods. What you’re left with is the finished product, sitting right there for your viewing. Why not take advantage of this and shortcut your course to success.



We are done! I really hope this helps.


When all is said and done, it’s a numbers game. You need to consistently be bringing new subscribers in, sending regular emails and associating yourself with world class products and offers.


Remember that every list started at zero, you are where you are. Sending an identical sales email to a list of 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000 will yield dramatically different results. Follow the recipe, the three tips for email marketing campaigns will put you on course. Profit is on the horizon!



The Introverted Affiliate

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