Best niches for affiliate marketing in 2020

How to find the best niches for affiliate marketing in 2020 regardless of knowledge and experience.

In this post you will learn exactly how to find the best niches for affiliate marketing in 2020 regardless of knowledge and experience.

This post provides a complete guide on the best way to pick a niche, even if you’re a beginner, brand new or been involved in affiliate marketing for a while but it’s just not working out for you. If your current niche isn’t working and you’ve been searching to get into something else this article is going to be a great help for you.

  • 3 important elements your new niche needs to have.
  • One disastrous mistake many new markets make and how to avoid it
  • Separate yourself from the competition with sub niches
  • Instantly narrow your niche section down into one of 3 proven survival instinct niche categories
  • Plus much more….

If you want to get into affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start then you’ll love this article

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The big mistake many new affiliate marketers make choosing a niche and how to avoid it

Watch Chads’ story to hear the big mistake and wrong way to pick a niche. Also learn the top 3 elements to picking a winning affiliate marketing niche in 2020 – Don’t make the same mistake.

If you skipped the video here’s the story.

When Chad first started online, the advice he received was that he must go into a niche he was passionate about.

It doesn’t matter how much money you can make, all that matters is you have passion around it.

Taking the advice of following his passion, Chad actually did end up starting a YouTube channel around cycling (a passion at the time).

Sure this makes sense, follow your passion so you love your work.

If only it was this simple… What Chad learned early on is that not all niches are created equal or have the same money making potential. In fact, it can be a huge mistake to solely focus on passion.

After making around 10 to 15 videos the results were actually pretty good. The videos attracted thousands of views. The big problem was there was a lack of products to promote as an affiliate marketer and no way to make any decent money from that niche.

The products available were along the lines of a bike pump on Amazon that would pay a $1 or $2 commission if you’re lucky. There’s just no way to make a full-time income unless your selling hundreds of pumps per day.

Blind following passion without researching money making opportunity within a niche can be a huge mistake.

wrong way to pick a niche

What makes a good niche?

Today you’ll learn what makes a good niche, including the three most important elements your niche needs in order to grow a full time income with affiliate marketing as fast and easy as possible.

The first element your niche must have is an irresistible product that actually solves a problem.

These days there are a lot of products on affiliate networks, many are just trying to sell people an idea or don’t solve a problem therefor is not really an irresistible offer.

You want your offer to be so irresistible, there is pain saying no. You want your customer to feel like it’s a must have to solve their problem. Either by the preserved value being so high, or targeting psychological triggers.

To make our life easier when you just starting you want an offer that will connect with people emotionally or associate with their survival instinct.

For example if we’re talking about entering the woodworking or pillow craft niche, sure you can make money here but they are not associated with our survival instinct.

What makes a good niche

What are survival instinct niches?

The three connected survival instinct niches are relationships, wealth and health.

Relationships including love, an example would be the dating niche

Wealth because it’s human nature, people love succeeding in wealth, it’s a survival instinct and tugs hard on emotions. People also are proven spenders in this niche and attach a lot of value towards wealth.

History shows us all developed civilizations strive off gaining more power. Whether this is more gold, real estate, land or assets money has and will be a huge factor of our society and there’s thousands of niches alone just in the wealth category.

The final category is health and wellness. People always want to become happier, healthier, live longer and look better. They want clear skin or to look younger each desired outcome is a niche you can target.

When starting out these products and niches are the ones you want to start with.

Not only are people more emotionally connected to these niches, they’re willing to spend more money, read more about it, sign up on more email lists and importantly for us have better affiliate programs and products.

Survival instinct niches

Example of an irresistible offer in a survival instinct niche.

An irresistible offer is something you can potentially make a full time income with focusing solely on affiliate marketing.

A great example of this is a product is called lady boss.

Where you can promote a high converting funnel system with a retention culture of integrity and dedicated team.

In this example you’re not only receiving commissions on one product like most affiliate programs you’re getting commissions on all products in the funnel.

ladyboss affiliate program

You can see an example here, this is the whole funnel starting with a unlimited access pass 7-day membership rolling into supplements plus an ongoing membership so you can earn recurring commissions.

Ladyboss offers the full experience! All kinds of products you can go out and promote as an affiliate but the main point here is they have irresistible offers and products that people actually like and solves a problem.

Ladyboss is geared towards woman and moms and has changed thousands of lives.

Did you know: 80% of US mothers who use the internet use Pinterest? See our pintrest marketing strategy.

Ladyboss is a great example of a company and affiliate program. You can earn 45% commission on all digital products and 30% commission on all supplements, Nice.

Now you know that your niche must have an irresistible offer an irresistible product inside and an affiliate program that pays an attractive rate of commission.

What is an evergreen niche?

The second element you need to consider when picking a niche is it must be evergreen. When we talk about evergreen we mean something that’s going to be around forever.

The dangers of not picking an evergreen product.

Do you remember fidget spinners?

This story relates to amazon sellers who target trends.

If you remember there was once a time when fidget spinners were really trendy, really popular, everyone had one.

As the story goes – Sellers were making good money selling fidget spinners on Amazon but all sudden the trend died and people were left with 4,000 fidgets spinners in inventory with no way to sell them.

What on earth are you meant to do with a box of 1000 fidget spinners that no one is buying anymore…

That’s an example of a trend, this is more popular with e-commerce products but the point of that story is you don’t want to go into a trend, you want something that’s going to be around forever.

You don’t want to just get paid for the next two years, you want to make $10,000 plus per month for the next 10 – 20 years or the rest your life.

That’s why your niche must be evergreen.

We talked about this before and some of those niches are wealth, health, relationships, dating or anything connected to our survival instincts.

evergreen niche

How to choose a sub niche

In addition to honing in on the big 3 markets, you want to make sure you go into a sub, sub, sub market of that.

These days there is more competition coming onto YouTube, Google social media, and ads. It gets harder for us as affiliates when we have to complete with these bigger companies.

So what you need to do to stay in the game to survive and thrive is to pick a sub niche.

For example, let’s say we have the wealth market here maybe that’s something you’re interested in or passionate about.

Within this wealth market we have all kinds of different sectors – whether it’s investing, make money online, digital marketing etc. There’s all kinds of categories.

Then for each one of these categories listed there’s sub niches.

Take investing for example, inside this category there’s stock investing, long-term investing, real estate investing and crypto, there’s all kinds of sub niches.

These are the best niches to target as a beginner – They are easier to infiltrate, build authority and trust.

To share another example let’s take digital marketing.

Branching into digital marketing there’s sub niches such as software where you can burrow further into all different kinds of software such as video marketing software and that will be your sub niche or maybe you might choose email autoresponder software or maybe sales funnel software. All of these are sub niches.

Mastering or becoming an authority in a sub niche is how you’re going to separate yourself from the competition.

Once your brand starts to grow you will have more of a budget to spend on ads, then you can start to scale out your niche a little more.

To recap the second thing your niche needs to thrive is pick an evergreen category and go into a sub niche. Starting small in an evergreen sub niche should be your main focus when getting started.


Pick a niche you have experience or interest in

The last thing you want to apply is pick a niche you have interest in or experience around.

What you really want to do is find a balance. You want to find a balance between a good niche that you can make a lot of money in but also something that you still have interests or experience around.

This is the perfect niche!

As mentioned earlier, blindly follow passion can be mistake, however so can not having any interest in your niche (balance is key).

You’re really going to have to think about this, especially if you want to make more than $10,000 per month


How to get started once you pick a niche

If you’re entering a new niche it is likely you will not be an expert from day one. The good news is most people aren’t when they start and it is definitely not a requirement.

The truth is we all have something to learn from everyone, even if you have no experience around a niche that you really want to go into you can go learn about it and then start to teach or share what you learn.

This is called the learn and share method.

Read some blog posts, watch some videos, study it for a month, get more knowledgeable than the average person searching it. Then you can make content on it. You can run ads, write emails, create offers and sell products around that niche.

The point here is to pick something you’re not going to get sick of because affiliate marketing isn’t a set and forget business.

You constantly have to stay in the loop, think of new ideas, research, keep an eye on competitors and continuously develop lead magnets to bring in fresh leads to offer products to.

There’s a lot of moving parts and can get overwhelming, so making sure it’s something you have an interest in your niche is really important.

Picking a niche is kind of like picking a sport in high school.

When you’re a kid maybe you tried basketball and you realized maybe basketball isn’t really for you. You’re kind of short and can’t jump high so you went onto soccer. After a while you realised you didn’t really like soccer either so you went into swimming and absolutely loved it! You crushed it and made the varsity team, you became team captain and found your niche. You found something that you enjoyed plus you were good at.

It’s the same thing with picking a niche online. You want to find something that you know you’re pretty good at whether that’s interest or experience and also something that there is money in.

best niche for affiliate marketing in 2020

In conclusion: What is the best niche for affiliate marketing in 2020?

Take this information and think about each element before picking your niche. This is the formula to give your new affiliate marketing business the best chance at making a decent income in a short amount of time.

  • Irresistible offer that people like and solves a problem
  • Niche is evergreen and will be around forever
  • Niche is part of a sub niche Is associated with a survival instinct niche
  • Is something you have experience or interest in

If you’re starting from scratch, have no authority, no brand or anything a great starting niche is digital marketing.

A sub niche of digital marketing might be sales funnels for real estate agents or membership sites for course creators. To start you could build up a Facebook group around sales funnels for real estate agents or maybe a YouTube channel and then sell them client services.

Services such as Facebook Ads, lead generation funnels through software such as builderall or clickfunnels, build an email list and some recurring income.

This is the formula you can use to get on your way to $10,000 per month as fast as possible.

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Let us know in the comments what niche or sub niche you are currently involved in 🙂




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