Which Of These 3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Will You Make? – Learn From Failures So You Can Skip To Success.

Are you making these silly affiliate marketing mistakes?

Affiliate marketing in my opinion, is one of the most opportunistic ways of earning extra money online. Though like all money making businesses en-devours there is no shortage of pitfalls. Newbies and veterans alike leave way too much on the table and most of the time it’s because of silly mistakes! This article highlights the top three affiliate marketing mistakes which kill new marketers chances of early profit and success…


Learn to avoid the common mistakes and boost your chance of profits on your first campaign. As a total novice, you can enter this profession with little or no experience. Most affiliate marketing programs are easy to join, implement and pay a commission on a regular basis.


Mistake ONE: Choosing the wrong program.

Most new marketers want to earn affiliate commissions as fast as possible, from day dot. In their manic rush to join the club, they tend to choose a Bieber product. The kind of products that we think are “hot” and in demand without actually considering if the product appeals to them or their desired client. Not a smart move unless you want to hate your job. After listening to Russel Brunsons pod-cast, he advises the first step is to work out your dream customer and then promote products that appeal to them.


Remember “These are the people you will be working with as clients.”


Instead of jumping on the hip-hop bandwagon, choose a product in which appeals to your desired client and that you would be passionate about marketing. For all campaigns to succeed, you must love it, take the time to plan and figure out your steps and then implement the plan through massive action.


Pick a product that appeals to you and your desired clients. Promoting a product you can passionately market will make your job so much more enjoyable and help you stick with it when times are tough, and commissions are slow. The product still needs to have high demand, value and appeal, however, make your job as fun as **** and the rewards will begin to pile up in more ways than one!


Picking products based on commission alone is a recipe for disaster and believe me I have had my share of disaster sandwiches.



Mistake TWO: Joining excessive affiliate opportunities.

Like a biggest looser temptation challenge, once you get your taste for affiliate marketing you will very easily be tempted to join every affiliate opportunity in an effort to maximise your potential profit. And since their so easy to join it’s more important than ever to keep your humble hat on. You can have too much of a good thing, ask the 350-pound man who now dreams about cheesecake.


Yes! Creating multiple streams of income is great. However, when you are starting out joining, excessive affiliate opportunities and promoting them all at the same time will have the exact opposite effect as you are left unfocused on the job at hand. The truth is it will take some time, effort and financial investment before any of your affiliate offers take off.


The maximum potential of the affiliate program is not reached in the first week. Remember, initially… Your results will probably be less than desirable, a kick in the guts… Before you jump head first into affiliate marketing you may want to ask yourself is affiliate marketing really for me? Get your expectations right then keep your focus on the job at hand. The only way is up!… A handy tip is to start with something which pays at least a 40% commission. Promote enthusiastically. When the profit starts rolling in you now have permission to add another program to the business.


This is the proven technique! Start, focus, plan and implement. There will always be another opportunity, so don’t ever feel like you have missed out. We live in the information age, and the future looks bright for the affiliate marketing industry.


Mistake THREE: Not investing in the product or service.

Realistically how can you effectively and convincingly recommend a product or service to a potential client if you haven’t used it yourself?


This is a major mistake and is critical to your success. You will pay dearly being branded as a scammer or selling broken promises…


A handy Tip; Try the product or service personally first, after one week write down all the questions you had and develop quality answers for them as these will often be the questions potential clients will have as well. Write the advantages and disadvantages of the product and ask yourself… Can I honestly with true integrity, sincerity, and confidence promote this product or service? Would I sell it to my Grandma?


Consciously think about theses THREE mistakes while you are analyzing your new marketing strategy. Position yourself right from the start and you will be well on your way to maximising your affiliate marketing profits, Good luck…!


Clinton Bee

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5 thoughts on “Which Of These 3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Will You Make? – Learn From Failures So You Can Skip To Success.”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful article. I have read the whole of this article. You described “Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid”. This is a very useful article for new affiliate marketers. Because most of the new affiliate marketers do the same mistakes and distracted from success.  If marketers avoid these mistakes they will definitely succeed. This article was good. I will suggest to write about “How to be a successful affiliate marketer”.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      Hi Likhon, thank you for reading it means alot. These were all costly mistakes I personally made myself. What a great Idea “How to be a successful affiliate marketer” would work well.

  2. Like your tips. People usually make mistakes when they’re in hurry and impatience. I understand it quiet well, since I’m on my ongoing process to become affiliate marketer. We would all like to see results from our work asap, monetize it, get further motivation from it. Along the way we keep forgetting that every little step we take day by day, learn at least 1 new thing a day, listen other people’s perspective – is already a progress!Thank you for clarifying common mistakes during affiliate’s journey.

    1. The Introverted Affiliate

      I love this Vesna!
      Yes, I am a total believer in daily progress.. It is the one thing that made the biggest difference in my online journey. It is amazing what little tasks can ad up to over a period of time.

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